Frequently Asked Questions

What is is India’s No.1 dedicated portal for plots and land. We cover all kinds of plots: Bungalow Plots, Villa Plots, Farmhouse Plots, Residential Plots, House Sites, Residential Layouts, N.A.Plots, Agricultural Land etc.

What are the benefits offered by presents offers for plots in an organised manner, so that interested Buyers are able to evaluate, compare and decide easily. We provide information classified State-wise and City-wise.

Can Brokers and Estate Agents participate on your portal?
Of course. Like individuals, Brokers and Estate Agents can submit offers and also ask for contact details against offers posted by others.

What are the benefits of investing in land and plots?
In the real estate sector, land has appreciated to the highest extent in most Indian cities as compared to apartments, flats etc.

In what way investment in land different from investing in apartments?
With land, one has an option to develop the land or retain it as it is. Growth prospects are equally bright in respect of both options.

Can NRIs buy land in India?
Of course. However it would be ideal if you would ask any relative or friend based is India to undertake local co-ordination.

Can foreigners buy land in India?
As per regulations, only foreigners holding long term business visas are allowed to buy property in India.

Who are the people behind is a part of Zenin Technologies which is promoted by a team of experienced and seasoned Engineering and Marketing professionals led by Jerome Quadros. The team has many professional achievements to it's credit. You may refer to About Us to know more.

How do I go ahead?
To begin with, you need to register. To understand the process involved, please access How it Works.

Are you affiliated to any Builder, Developer or Real Estate Agent?
No. We are an independent entity with no affiliation. By staying independent, we are able to serve Buyers and Sellers effectively.

I am from a town which is not featured on the site. Can you provide plot offers in my city?
All you have to do is to send us an email to indicate accordingly. We would interact with Sellers in your city and try to secure offers which will be featured on the portal.

Do all the plots offered have a clear title?
It is always the responsibility of the Buyers to check the title documents.

Are all the plots offered freehold kind?
Not necessarily. Do enquire with Seller whether the plot offered is freehold or leasehold or is subject to any restrictions.

What are the additional charges applicable while buying a plot?
Stamp Duty and registration charges are always applicable extra. There could be other additional charges about which Buyers must clarify with Sellers. In addition, in multiple plot projects, charges like infrastructure cost, development cost etc may be applicable.

What are the obligations of Buyers and Sellers?
The same are comprehensively covered in the Terms of Use.

How do you assure the privacy of users?
We safeguard your privacy to the fullest extent as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

I would like to contact you. When I can I do so?
You can email us or call us during the hours of 10 am to 9 pm, Monday to Saturday.

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